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Hen And Chicken Bay 19.04.07

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Weather: Cloudy

Temperature:25 degrees

Wind: 0-12 knots

Time: 9:30am-1pm, High tide 9:30am (fast run out tide)

Headed down to south side of Hen and chicken loaded up with 2" bloodworm power grub. Fished for an hour with nothing only seeing mullets jumping in front of us and seeing puffers trying to eat our SP.

Forgot to bring bread so no mullet fishing :1badmood:

We headed over to another drains but nothing took my pinkie and Baby Vibes.

So then moved to another spot to fish with SP and scored 2 undersized flattie and a nice 28cm Bream all on 2" bloodworm ^_^


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Good work on the bream. Hope you had a good feed.

You could try 2" gulp grubs in pumpkinseed or half a 6" Gulp worm in Camo. Seems to work well in the area

yeh i tried the 2" gulp grub in pumpkinseed, didnt work. For some reason there was no flatties around. Very weird.

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