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Out Board Carby Service

D T Wave

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Hey all,

Just wondering how hard it is to pull apart and clean up my outboard Carby. I've got an older style 55hp Mariner Marathon. Early 80's model

The old girls running a little rough and have been told it just needs a bit of a clean.

I'm pretty mechanically minded and handy.

Any ideas or tricks would be great.

Also any idea where i might find a service manual??



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It's not difficult, I did it once on a 175hp V6 Evinrude (triple carbs).

They are very basic the only critical thing I had to worry about was syncronising.

I was given some advice by a mechanic to make up 3 aligator clips with straightened out paper clips attached, I then cliped these to the carbie butterfly shafts and kept adjusting until all three moved in unison.

worked a treat. One thing I found amazing was the price of parts, I wanted the exhaust gasket - it was $120 but if I got a gasket kit it would be $109 which included the exhaust gasket and every other gasket and O ring in the outboard (including carbies), go figure.

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DTW if you have some mechanical knowledge

there is nothing to fear

Remember to have an area that is clean to lay it out on

as it's basically the float/needle and seat in the fuel bowl

all the jets will be in the carby body

take the float pin out carefully so you don't drop it and/or

the needle from the needle & seat assy - check condition

of the needle tip should be OK but look anyway

Have a tin of carby cleaner and a tin of Inox/WD40

take out the main jet & emulsion tube assy and check

visually and by blowing through it

give it a hit with the carby cleaner (CC) then hit up the

cavity in the body where it came from look for the airbleed

drillings and shot some CC through there also

any mixture screws need to be screwed in gentle till they

seat taking note of how many 1/2 turns so you can reset to

where they were before (a spot the motor will run at) before

you remove them

just take your time and be generous with the CC the hit it with

the Inox/WD40

re assemble - float assy will be same level as it came out

usually level to the carby body

a light greasing on orings will help seal things

test the needle & seat but sucking on fuel inlet tube - it should

hold suction - refit to engine - clean , replace or fit fuel filter

then fire it up - let it run (with hose connected or in tub) a couple

of minutes till warmed up the adjust mixture slowly screw in

till the engine starts to stumble and back out about 1/4 turn

if your unsure take a pic at each stage of the disassembly

All up 15 - 30 minutes work no need to rush :thumbup:


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