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Hmmm I Ask For A Jew, An I Get A Bloody Kingy!


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Hey All

Just got in from work, crack my first :beersmile: , an there is a note check the bottom shelf of the fridge. A 82cm kingy!!!!!!! :thumbup::yahoo:

Not happy though. After sticking it to Greg last night before he left at 10pm for squid... I WANT A JEW NO EXCUSES he brings this home.

Anyhow a fish is a fish I suppose :tease:

He got ALOT of squid last night at spot F ^_^ he went upriver to try for a jew, no luck. So keeps trying all the holes an dropoffs, etc. Couldnt bag a jew but got a very nice kingy on a whole big squid, approx 25-30cm.

He got his kingy sometime bwtn 7-9am this morning in middle harb, after he had given up on my jewie :mad3:

Sorry cant give you all more details, but he is sleeping off a 14hr session on the water, an starts work tonight in 10hrs.

Dan (D&G)


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if there is a bi-catch that is acceptable when fishing for jewfish it is definitly an 82cm kingie. :thumbup:


I dunno,,,,, when I target a species, I want THAT species!!! :074::074: . But wasnt me it was Greg. I know this post will reeve the hell outa him, its kool though we are family. :biggrin2: .... Probabily just as well


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aww damn nice fish Greg!!

Looks like the water in middle harbour might be a little warmer than the harbour

...makes sence :thumbup:

dan u may catch some wattos by-catch tomorrow in the way of a B&E Roll!!

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