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Pb King On 8lb


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I went out this morning in Pittwater with mate who wanted to catch his first king. The wind was up and the squid weren't cooperating. Had some frozen from the last trip so we headed over to a usual spot and stripped them up. Burlied up a bit and spent the next 2 hours releasing pickers and changing baits. Had a really solid hit on the heavy gear which took a large squid head but missed the single hook. With no bait and no burley left and the wind picking up we were about to head back when once again the kings decided to take the light gear.

My 2-4kg flick stick was floating a strip out the back attached to 8lb fireline. The drag was set light and started to scream. I jumped up and started tightening the drag and my mate was like..."so you let them run?" I said, "no...I just can't stop him" With the symetre2500 as tight as I dared the first run was frightening...a good two moorings away now and moving fast.

Yelled at my mate to bring in the lines and pull anchor. I started the motor with one hand and moved us past a boat that would have cut the line. The king slowed down and with the wind slowly pushing us away from the moorings it took me 15 minutes to get clear water and feel like we had a chance.

My mate hadn't used a net much and after a few loud instructions the second attempt saw this little fella hit the deck... 70cm on 8lb fireline and 10lb leader. One good fish can make a trip...


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congrats on the pb kbark :thumbup:

im yet to catch one since going out on a charter lol

oh well... keep on trying i guess :1prop:

It took me one year between getting 2 on a charter and catching them on my own. It's a great feeling. Hope you get one soon.

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Good catch Kit,

Great to catch them on light set-ups. Love the sound of that running drag. Mates keep telling me i have to go heavier, but that fun of actually landing a fish like that on 6-8lb line is a buzz.

Hope to see you on the water again soon mate.

Cheers :04:

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