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Thx !

What differences can you spot Pete ?


Actually...not too many differences at all...perhaps the dorsal fin, but it could be that it's just not showing as well in your pic. Also the mouth looed a little different but on second thoughts...nope..same as.

Here is the pic in Fishraider Tailor....I'd say you have a definite legal tailor there...congrats.


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I find bream fight a little harder than the tailor to tell u the truth ... pound for pound of course .. lol

It was on a pillie, not lure by the way

No doubt about it. Pound-for-Pound the bream is one of the toughest fish you'll come across, they fight hard and dirty going for the sharpest snag around to bust you off, along with your $20 lure. :1badmood: PFP the hardest/dirtiest fighting fish in the sea...until you hook a king. :1prop:

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