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Sydney Fads


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Went out with my Cousin and Uncle,got to the ramp just after five,we were meeting shadow at the spit.Got to the fad saw surface fish jumping everwhere.Grabed my rod to flick some plastics just about to cast and my cousin said he had no gears :ranting2::ranting2: .First time out after a service from ------ not quiet shore if i can mention the dealer name from Blacktown.We found out it was the gear selector was'nt tightened,after 1/2 hour cursing the dealer we were up and runing.My first cast on my bream outfit i was on my first dollie :yahoo::yahoo: .Lost two more near the boat :mad3: Just about to go and i got one more. Cus caught three and Uncle got two.On the way in i threw out a pink skirt out and a short time latter my 6500 bang and straight back out of it's mouth, i had the drag too tight and.Not long after the 6500 ZZZZZZZZ

but this time he was mine,my first stripped tuna :yahoo::yahoo: .I will try to ad pic's


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