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Decided to go out for a fish today to see if we could get Crazyjohn his first dollie.

Launched at rose bay and picked up about 20 yakkas in around a hour and then set course for the BB Close fad.

Got there to see no boats, was very surprised.....threw out some yakkas and nothing was happening so we decided to hit the wide fad.

GOt there and we saw a few dollies but no takers....we persisted for around 20 minutes and then we got hit, then the second rod gets hit and then the 3rd.

Three dollies are on and john his fighting his first dollie on a 1-3Kg stick with a little 2500 Stradic.

After about 5 minutes we land all fish, 2 in the mid sixtys and johns one closer to 70cm.

Stay there for another 30 minutes without a touch.

Went back to the first fad and saw Sammy and got a small dollie....

It was about 11.30 by now and we decided to call it quits...

4 dollies for the day and john got his first.

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Good work Netic to get John on his first Dollie, we stopped at Far Fad on way back from troll wide at around 3.30pm and after a couple of drifts and some cubing of pillies we were on to some nice dollies all around 700mm got 8 then in 2 drifts and ended with 13 in total with a few tiny ones thrown back . Love the Dollies but Bring on the Tuna. Cheers Dave

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like to say thaks to oz for getting me onto landing my very first dollie,gee i thought catching kings was fun,dollies are way more fun and such a beautiful looking fish ,the water was so blue,what can i say apart from it was all in all a top day out,maybe penguin can follow us out on our next venture for the dollies.

thanks guys for the kind replys. :biggrin2:

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Nice one netic.

Im meant to go out tomorrow morning if this damn flu clears up.

Hope i get into a few like you and the guys did to make it a nice day. Hope mallacootpete stays home as i dont want to be an extra in "the perfect storm"

Did you have a blast Cr@zy john....?

Cheers guys

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