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Ahhh Botany Bay...you've Done It Again


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Hi All,

Went out late Friday night for a quick squid session and ended up with 11 or so. Dropped the boat in at Sylvania at 6:30am Saturday morning and decided to head out and try a new kingie spots I have been eyeing off.


Arrived at 7:00am and began my berly trail and poured myself a cup of coffee and breakfast. Nothing happened in the first hour, then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ rod buckled over and the fight was on. End result was a 70cm King…real happy. 15 minutes later, another king of the same size. After that it was on for young and old. Then the wildest thing happen. I ended up with a triple hook up. Must have been a hungry school passing. Out of the 3, I only landed 1 to 65cm.

As I was pouring my 2nd cup of coffee I notice some surface activity. I grabbed my lightest rod (1-3kg with 6 pound fireline and eight pound fluoro trace) and decided to cast out a 7 inch Bass Assassin that Tony from fishfinder recommended to use. After about three cranks, the plastic was surfaced smashed. The fight was on. I ended up with a 55cm kingie. It was my first kingie on soft plastics and light gear… I LOVED IT and the fish was returned. Kings on plastics and light gear is awesome.

I ended up with a total of 6 Kings.

Took home 3 Kings for mum and the neighbors.

I was back the ramp by 10:45am.

Another great day on the bay.


(AKA Savage73)


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that sounds like a pretty hot session, you were getting them all over the place.

I hooked up a few smaller kings in the harbour last saturday, and my mate was busted by one much larger.

So I agree, they are still around in numbers.


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