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The Entrance Social April 2007 (day 3)


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The Official start to the comp :biggrin2:

Fishing started in earnest for the coverted prizes today and there were plenty of eager Raiders young and not so young :biggrin2: willing to chance their hands at the Bream and Flathead population in the Lake.

Some great fish were caught today and Chloe and Caige (offtaps younsters) were in the thick of things with a couple of nice bream and flatties to start the ball rolling,geez its great seeing how good these youngsters fish and its a credit to Di and Dave :thumbup:





Dave mmm brought back a reasonable flattie and Sweeney got one as well.



This was shaping up as a great day for the Social and although a lot of small fish were mixed with them there were some nice fish coming in which kept the weighmaster very busy.

Mike (Breamhunter comes over with an esky and promptly delivers two great fish for our measurer :1yikes: a great 51 cm Flattie and a equally nice 32 cm Bream and these were now the benchmark for all Raiders to beat.





Fishing for the comp eneded at 3 pm with no further fish ,but everyone had a great day on the water.

We all made the decision too invade the beach again and it would be Fishraider Madness this afternoon on the beach.

Brad (Fishing+Guitar= heaven) scored a top Tailor off the beach.


There are heap more reports from this evening and I will let some of the others add thier posts on this one

What a day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Day 3 (Saturday) started with a breakfast cooked by Ross and Peita and there is no better way to start a day.

As I didn’t take the boat along to this social I was stuck fishing off the land. :(

We decided to head over to a wharf that was in a little channel in The North Entrance.

The plan of attack was that I was going to fish lures and Peita was going to fish with whitebait and prawns.

I quickly set Peita up and she was soon fishing. I then started throwing some lures in and by the third cast I decided that I was wasting my time as there was just way too much weed and it kept on fouling the action of the lure.

I then decided to put on bait and fish with whitebait.

Donna and Stewy arrived to the wharf finally and as soon as Stewy saw the water he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fish with his lures. Stewy then grabbed his luderick gear and tried to get a luderick or 2 and he disappeared up the channel with b-fore-tony.

Donna decided that she would fish bait with Peita and I and as Donna only fishes with lures I quickly rigged her up and showed her how to bait the hook. On her first cast she pulls up a nice flatty that went 38-39cms. After a quick snap it was quickly released but not before I ended up getting spiked in my thumb.

Peita quickly caught a couple of undersized bream which were promptly released. :mad3:

I then got a nice little flatty and as I didn’t have a net I was going to walk it to the shore but then at the last minute I decided to grab the leader and lift it up. At this moment it spat the hook and swam away to freedom. It was at a guess about 40cm definitely not a winning fish but a nice little model anyway.

We caught a few more undersized bream and headed back to the park.

By 3:00pm a few nice fish had been measured and then a heap of raiders decide to head down to the beach to have a go at those Salmon.

As a few of you may know I had never fished of the beach before and had no idea on what to do.

Now I got quite a few tips of some people and thank you for that. We got down on the beach just after 4:00pm and we were met with a beach full of fishos.

I think everyone on the coast must have read Jewhunters update on the social report.

Well I spent the next couple of hours on the beach having people to the left of me and people to the right of me hooking up to fish and me getting nothing at all.

It was a good afternoon down there and many of the Raiders who were there either got their first fish off the beach or their first salmon. It was good to see some of the experienced guys helping the kids. Well done.








After that we headed back to the park to have some dinner once again cooked up by Ross and Peita.

Most people had an early night but we headed down to Offtap’s villa and had a great night drinking down there and listening to Mrs_Watto make prank phone calls to people that she knew and her not realising that who ever she called knew that it was her as they all had caller id.

About midnight I snuck off to bed as I was meant to go for a beach fish on Sunday morning with Watto and I didn’t want to be too tired.

Well that was the end of another great day.

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Here is another photo that Peita took.

It was the first one that you caught.

Well done mate and doesn't Caige look happy. :thumbup:


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Guest mrs_rzep

Well Done Caige - I was glad to be able to get those shots of you getting those fish in!

Maybe you could give Paul (rzep) some pointers on Beach Fishing next time :1prop:

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Well dont Caige, great catch.

Yeah Paul RZEP what did you catch?????? :074::074::074::074::074:

OFFTAP how come you fogot to post your pic :074::074::074:

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Some snaps from CFD's and my sneaky 2 hour saturday morning beach session, some cracker salmon up to 3.5kg!

total 8 caught, all released bar 2 which went to a hungry by-stander






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As promised here are a few of the photo's I took. The young man in the photos,(sorry I forgot your name) and two of his mates caught the train up for the fishing comp. 10 points for effort boys. The photo's of everyone fishing does not do it justice. There was approx a km of people fishing on Sat night. It was an awsome sight to see.


Here are some more






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I would like to say a huge thanks to MrsRzep. Mrsstumpy , and MGibbo , as well as Mrsswordfisherman for manning the cameras and posting the pics that you took. They say a picture is worth a thousand words , you have provided enough for a good sized novel!! With so many fish being caught , the flashes were going off like a Princess Mary press conference !!! Fishraider now has its own (highly attractive) Press Corps!! :074:


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From Roberta

Check out the photo of Offtap - you can just see the 'surf candy' that did the damage on both fish!! Offtap - ya gotta put that rig on the site!! It sits above the pillie & sinker, just wafting in the water & got hit more than twice! Great idea! Is it on a 3 way swivel??

Hi Roberta , the rigs i used at beach were made up by Caige as shown to him by other beach fishing buddies down south, A standard Padanoster rig generally 20lb mono with 2 x droppers and Star sinker at bottom, Gang hooks on bottom dropper, with a surf popper on top dropper, we prefer Yellow and green as thats all we have ever fished with, other colours would more than likely work though. Caige and I caught 5 Salmon in that short session on sat arvo and 3 of them were on the poppers. Theses rigs work even after your pillie on Gangs has been stripped by peckers. Posting the only pic i could find of Surf Poppers to give all an idea. And sorry about Rig pic , but gives general idea i hope .Cheers Dave



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