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Nice Donut...


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Hi Guys,

Hit Northern Curl Curl beach today for an early morning beach session. There is a ripper gutter there at the moment and I thought with today's early high tide there may be some sambo's holding residency. Well, it proved to be quite a dud session......not a single take on the gang pillies & gars. I moved up and down the beach but made no difference...Another chap was hurling some spanyid metals about but failed to get a strike either....

Ah, well there's always next time and always nice to play with the old Alvey in the surf. Great sunrise too :thumbup:

What I love about early beach sessions is that I can be done fishing and enjoying a coffee down the road by 9.00a.m. :smoke:



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unlucky mate, some days are like that start off promising but end in doughnuts. At least you were out there giving it a go. they should turn up on the beaches in decent numbers soon for us all to tuck in.

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Spizza I think it's time you started comming down to Maroubra for a fish :074:


Hey Hazza! Hope your well mate...

You getting some action down there? :) Might have to venture out there one of these weekends....


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