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Fishing Up Nth


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Headed Nth last week to North Beach (Mylestom). Mylestom is a small coastal village approx 20 km south of Coffs Harbour located near the mouth of the Bellingen River.

I arrived on Tuesday , the others a few days earlier. They were preparing to go beach fishing , I decided to pass. Dumb decision. :1prop:

A few hours later they returned with this catch. No shortage of Tailor on the menu for the next few days.


The weather was not too flash over the next few days but we did manage to get out to give the river a go. Bellingen River was part of the buy out now many years ago & fish stock have improved considerably , unfortunately , other than a small Jew & some throw back bream they did not want to play.

We fished the beach on 2 other occasions with some success , 2 nice flatties & a few more Tailor. Having access to the beach via 4WD makes it a whole lot easier , no gear to cart & a sand free environment to work from


In between trips there was no shortage of "drink" the best normally being kept to the last evening. This trip was no exception



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Well done, Geoff, shame you missed out on the other outing!!! You won't do that twice!! Beautiful looking water - that's what you want! Grilled tailor fillets with that crushed lemongrass (that you can buy from the supermarkets in tubes) spread on it! Beautiful!



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