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Fishing Cronulla

Brad Duffell

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I always used to fish Greenhills with my dad. Always produced Whiting, but you must use live beach worms, nothing else works the same (but those GULP sandworms may be the go, havn't tried those).

Salmon usually come around this time of year but havn't read any reports of late so wouldn't know.

Just stick to your gutters and to the side of the rips and you'll do well for sure.


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Mate i was fishing on Wanda Beach on Sunday afternoon on the run in tide. I hooked up 4 30cm whiting and a nice bream before sunset. Was fishing a nice channel that had running across the beach about 10 metres from the shore line. Was using beach worm so i guess if you give that bait a go you cant go wrong.

There were alot of fishermen on the beach targeting salmon and tailor, but i didnt see anyone pull anything in. Though try your luck...

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