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Happy Birthday

Guest rzep

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:1happybday: Bloo, I hope you have a great day :beersmile:

:1happybday: Sean :yahoo: I still cant believe you are only 34 :074: .Have a top day mate :beersmile:

Cheers Stewy

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guys have a great day


Have a great day Watto, and all the best for your bday. I am so lucky to have a great hubby like you

I love you

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:1happybday: Hope its a good one for ya!

Thanks guys for your good wishes. A great day would be sitting in the boat somewhere on the water watching the sun rise, with a rod in my hand :1fishing1: and a beer in the stubby holder (maybe a bit later on for the beer :beersmile: ........ That's not going to happen, but hopefully it will still be a good day............



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