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Two Big Yellowfin Tuna Caught At The Mountain

Ross Hunter

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There has been a 45kg and a 56 kg tuna caught this week, both fish were trolled up around the mountain There is a good head of water sitting off the shelf and beyond at latitude 34 degrees which is east of Botany Bay.It is 24 degrees and should have some yellowfin in it and maybe striped and a blue marlin as well.

Billfisher is out tomorrow so we will keep you posted on results. We have just posted a "How To Catch segment on my favourite The black marlin. These are a great fish to catch especially on lighter tackle They have ahabit of spending more time airbourne than in the water and ya gotta love that! This is a series that we are running passing on some handy hints for those who are intersted. Visit www.gamefishingcharters.com.au and Go into "Techniques and Hints" section for a good read.There are some great photos as well.... If you do not want to go that way then click on the link to Broadbill charters on the Fishraider site to our site Hope you enjoy.

Ross Hunter

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