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Early Morning Troll & A Bash.


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:thumbup: Me and a mate set off fishing this morning a about 7.00am got to the boat ramp and as usual there is a bit of a wait. This time tough there were two blokes that took a hell of a lot of time. Started to farted around in general as you know, backed there car half way down the ramp and stop get out and 10mins latter they take off. errr :ranting2:

Anyways got going ourselfs and just out of the harbour we started to troll a couple of skirted lutes. First headland we come to we get a strike. 35cm tailar. Start trolling again go past never fail and you guessed it it failed. So we carry on along the beach and the reel goes off, and me mate pulls in a Watsons leaping bonito a first for him. :thumbup:

Seen a nice school of tailor along the beach but no strikes. Carried on around the island and bang both reels go off, treated a couple of kyackers to a good show of us bringing in a couple of tailar. Trolled up a couple more and decided to go for a bash.

Went out to the 30 to 40m mark and started to drift. First up a little mado(they turn up everywhere) then

a keeper mowie. :thumbup: Next drift I pulled up another but a lot bigger :yahoo: @ 2 kilos uncleaned,

anyway decided to head back in and trolled home ,picked up a double strike at never fail resulting in one

tailor boated the other bitten off same spot as last week my mate was :puke: He was not impressed he liked that lure. Anyway decided to call it a day. Photo's come from a mobile excuse the quality.



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Hi mate nice session and some nice fish boated, :thumbup:

I was just wondering though is that a Watsons Leaping bonnie

in the bottom pic,I cant see any stripes on his flanks and underside,

perhaps its just the pic,its a nice fish either way.


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My initial thought was....hmm ok now bonnie or frigate and I thought... doesn't have the stripes like a bonnie, looks like a nice frigate though. NICE !!! :beersmile:

Sounds like a top session mate, quality aint so bad with the pics either, I love the looks of those mowies :1prop:

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