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Kurnell Yesterday


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Hi all, first fishing report. Went out yesterday

Headed out just off Kurnell in search of some Snapper, Didn't get any but managed to get 3 morwong about 40cm each (sorry no pics did not have a camera). There mut have been hundreds of sweep all aroud the 30-40cm mark which all went back. Are they any good eating ??

Also had a live yakka out which is still alive.

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Nice report mate for your first and the sweep are better left to swim as they arent much chop on the plate.

Least you got a nice feed of Mowies :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

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where were you fishing and did the jackets get you?

I was out the front of the light house at Kurnell. didn't get any lether jackets, The sweep would win the race to the bait all the time. :thumbdown:

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