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Pittwater, In A Rental?


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Ive been wanting to get on the water for a long while (as most of my fishing is LB) and after much deliberation I decided to rent a 14 footer no matter what the cost :1badmood: and put out in pittwater on sat.

My mate from the city and I were on the water around 8am, and after casting sp's and hb's into the many marinas with just a couple of small bream caught we decided to do some drifting.

After 20mins of drifting (and without really knowing what i was doing), the rods started twitching......then one rod bent over then the second and third then the fourth. A quadruple hookup of snapper hit the deck. All were just under legal. We went back around for another drift or two or eight :1prop: . We went on to get 2 tripple hookups and all up produced 28 snapper (7 legals), one sole and 2 really nice bream. All were caught on 4 lb braid. My mate also hit a great snapper at 43cm.

These are my share of the legals.....


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Nice fish there mate , getting them legal size can be very hard at times , some of them are tantalisingly close to legal , but I can rarely get the extra cm that I need to keep them !!


I've got the same problem as you,can get frustrating at times :mad3:

Nice bag Bobfish :thumbup:


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Well done BobFish, and for you guys threatening to fish pittwater, just get out there and do it. Last weekend was just beautiful out there with not too many boats around. I reckon this is the best time of year to be on the water: not too hot and the winds are down, Oh and by the way, I can organise a very tidy "rental"

Regards Darren

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Sounds like great fun with a good feed of fish included. :thumbup::yahoo: Well done, bobfish! Snapper produce both a great fight and a feed once they reach a decent size... :drool: Sometimes only a dream when you get plagued by baby pinkies! Nice bream too!


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