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Site Will Be Down This Weekend 11-14 May

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It is time to do some heavy maintenance on the forum.

From Friday 11th May at midnight until the morning of Monday 14th May, fishraider site will be down.

Access may be available at times during the weekend but there is no way to determine exactly when.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

See you all back here at www.fishraider.com.au on Monday with plenty of weekend reports.

Cheers Admin

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I'll just curl up in the corner in the fetal position and you can poke me with a stick

(not the Fishstick 2000 thanks anyway Ross) when it's back thank you :(


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Hey Mrs SF

Nope, sorry. The maintenance didn't work. I just checked & I still have a boof head! :biggrin2:

Well done on the speedy job :thumbup::yahoo:

Edited by Boofhead
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I've noticed a bit lately that the site was just a tad slower than normal.

I've found the site good viewing also when viewing with the mobile phone. :05: And it does, that's why I'm using the mobile. Can't get enough of the old Fishraider. :thumbup:

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