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Revenge Of The Speed Camera Nerds


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top stuff!

reminds me of the story that happened on the highway on the way to Melbourne.

A guy was pulled over for driving too slow in the right hand lane.

after pleading with the officer to give him a warning as there was no one else on the road and he was just cruising the officer replied "sorry mate, i'm just doing me job!"

the officer hands him his $187 fine and returns to his vehicle.

A few seconds later, the guy get's out of his car wearing a fluro vest and hands the cop a piece of paper. The officer says what's this? To which the guy replies:

"I'm a compliance officer with WorkCover NSW and you just got out of your car and issued me a fine on a federal highway without your fluro reflective vest .... that's an $800 safety infringment notice! ......sorry mate, but i'm just doing my job!"


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