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Mothers Day On The Harbour


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G'day Raiders ,

After making the :wife: brekky , we loaded up the boat , and put in at Rose Bay , for a short session before going to my sisters for lunch with my mom.

This was Caths first time in the boat since I put the new motor on , so it was time to put the girl ( the boat , not the :wife: ) through her paces . The boat rides and handles completely differently , ride is much better , now that I have the trim thingy sorted out !! Of course , we can get to spots X , Y and Z that much faster !!

Pulled into Spot Y , and set up a drift on the incoming tide. #1 Son , as usual is on the bow , tossing plastics around on his beloved Wattos plastics rod , whilst Cath and I stuck with our usual bait of prawns and squid ( also , purely by chance purchased at Wattos Fine Fishing Emporium) .

We had a few enquiries on our first drift , but nothing hooked .

Set up the drift again , and Im on , nothing exciting , a pinky , but the first fish is C&R , we are on the scoreboard !!

Cath is the next to strike , catching the pinkies slightly larger ( and just as undersized :1badmood: ) brother. As before , he was released , and told to return when he had turned red !

Set up drift #3 , but this time I used a small whole squid , dropped it down , felt one tug , then another .....STRIKE !! Im ON !! :yahoo: After a short battle , a nice 39cm flatty is cooling his fins in the esky!!

Decided to head to Spot X , as time was short , I decided to stick with the squid , first drop , tug , tug ..... STRIKE !! Im on again. Bit more fight in this one , seemed he didnt want to get dragged away from his mom on this mothers day , but I had different ideas !! Landed a nice 32cm flounder ( a PB for me ) .

Sadly , things were a bit quiet for :wife: and #1 Son , I went back to the prawn , dropped down , this bait never even made it to the bottom , SPROING !!!!! Nice bend in the rod , reeled him in , 42 CM flatty !! :yahoo::yahoo:

Had to call it a day at this point , as mom was waiting. Arrived at my sisters for lunch , bearing a nice catch of Flathead and Flounder !! ( Scored mondo brownie points with the sister !!) .

Great day out , roll on next wekend !!


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Great Mum's day report Ross....Looks like the flatties loved your offerings and the

flounder was a nice PB bonus....my favourite eating fish too.

Glad the blue terror works a treat...geez...you are one spoiled fisho now.

I can see you zooming all over the place in that beast now.

Hope Mrs F.M. had a good mother's day.



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Yes Pete , shes been quite sick for the last few weeks , today was a big test of her stamina , but she enjoyed being out on the Harbour , and happy to have caught a fish.

Im sure she will post a reply tomorrow sometime !!


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Well done Ross - at first I thought this post must have been an advertisement for WATTO's fabulous products!!! I really must get out there one day ... Watto's that is.

Nice report - it was excellent reading of your good fisho fortune - you really do deserve it!

Any pics or video?

Cheers Marg

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Not for this trip Marg , I was too busy catching fish!! :074:

Now that I have got this video thing licked , I should be posting more pics and vids in future!!

I really think you should come out to Wattos on the 25TH , I know he would be pleased to see you !! ( As would I !)


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Guest rzep

Sounds like a top day spent on the harbour with the family Ross,

It doesn't get any better then that in my books.

Well done mate. :thumbup:

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