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Blackfish At The Harbour


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Hi Raiders,

This is my second attempt to post my first report hope it will be succesful (the first one didn't go through, maybe the picture is too big) my daughter resized it for me.

Anyway, this is my report, after taking some cabbage from the wharf I said hello to a couple of guys fishing, one was reeling in a nice blackie while I am talking to the other. Nearly tempted to stay with them but no, the area they were fishing is so small for another one so I decided to go my usual spot.

First hour was too slow, drift was almost nonexistent but as soon as my float started drifting there it went my first down, did not get it, hook slipped, few minutes later went again but same thing felt I hooked it but somehow it was spat out. Maybe I am doing something wrong here, or maybe the hook is too small. Changed from No 10 to No. 8 or 6 I think. Straight away reeled in one, followed by a biggie 37cm. A few minutes later netted another biggie, this one really fought so hard I thought i was going to lose it, then followed by another nice one. Then went home satisfied.

I applied all the advice I got from you guys and all works to perfection: "burley with same bait you are using", "float not too bouyant", "before and after the top tide" Thanks guys soon I will be an artist too.




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Well done, Scout! They really go, don't they? They never give up the fight, either! Lovely eating, too.

When the tide stops running, toss out the burley to bring them around & back on the bite. Once the tide starts again, they start feeding freely again (usually!)



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