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Little M Park


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Spent 3-4 hours fishing at Little M Park yesterday from 12-4pm (was meant to start at 6am but well, that was a little difficult ...

We caught some undersized snapper and a leather jacket (on SP) ...

Our fresh squid did not yield too much so I am just wondering what is the gun bait to use around there and what fish have been caught off there.

Ps. Nice comfortable spot and lots of 'things' to look at while fish were not biting ...

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Oh forgot to mention that we had a night session on Friday night, at another spot, and as we got there a fella had hooked on to what seemed to be a monster which gave him a a bit of a fight on his beach gear...

When it got close, suprise suprise ... a King fish ..

The fish came loose when getting gaffed but wow, my first look at a Kingfish and to say the least .. I am hooked !

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what size in cm and weight do you rekon mate???

Not legal, but about 50+cm and THICK !!!

They have quite a mouth on them too !!!

My heart was racing and it wasn't even my rod ...

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