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Watch Out For Floaters...


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A neighbour of mine has a house on Dangar Is, and i had a chat to him about the current state of the Hawkesbury. I myself am hanging out to get back on it ( and try out my new yabbie pump!) but am holding off till the weather gets better and more consistant. I asked him if there were many logs floating down the river, and he said "oh yeah, there are some big ones too". This is my only fear about fishing the Hawkesbury - hitting a big log, especially at night.

He was of the opinion that there will be logs floating around for "a couple of months", and he's got the local knowledge, so ill have to take his word for it. Anyhow, for the time being, i wont be boating at night, and im gonna insist that my passengers and myself wear life jackets when motoring. Ill also use the kill switch thingo aswell, which i dont often do (naughty me!).

So, yeah, peoples, please be careful on the old Hawkesbury, moreso than usual for the next while. Look out for those floaters! But dont forget to enjoy yourself too!!! :-)

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An extra 12 meter pontoon was floating down past danger is this morning.

VRA picked it up and towed it into parsley bay ramp.

Just spent the last few days up at wobby beach and on the runout tide you dont want to be in that river.

The debris that is floating down is unreal.

On the fishing side besides plenty of log fish there is a lot of sharks about and undersize flatties around gunyha.



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im supposed to be heading out on the 1st and 2nd of july for an overnighter i'm a

little bit reluctant now will have to keep an ear out as the time gets closer to see if

i'm still going to.

regards mark

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I'm a keen fisho and love to get out and always say you will never catching anything sitting about at home thinking about it.. BUT for the next couple of weeks providing we have no more rain in the system, I would really give it a miss.

I got away with this week but in hindsight it was dumb.

Take care what ever you decide


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At least you can run over those little turds - pardon the pun

They dont destroy your motor like those logs do.

All in all the hawkesbury has had its big flush out that its needed for years.

Unfortunately some people lose some of their possesions in doing so.

And yes we have many things floating down the system that should not be , but all in all the river will certainly fish much better off for all its little mishaps.

Hopefully there will be some good stories shortly of all the catches in the fresh.

good luck raiders


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