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Ebay Buyers Beware


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Hey Guys and Gals,

Heres an article on some ebay scams....have a read if you buy reels off ebay often......


Moral of the Story is... double check all sellers you buy off

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I have picked up some great deals on ebay. tld25, tld20, 6500baitrunner. all great working reels. the key is to chech the sellers feed back page. i never buy off any one with less than 50 feed back points. you can check what other people have said about the seller and see if they riped them off or not. but then again its not 100% perfect there are risks.

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shopping on auction sites anywhere is always risky its not a matter of if you getted ripped its more like when you get ripped its happened to me and a bloody lot of other people now i only pay with pay pal or cod and look at feed back very hard there are a lot of good people out there selling very cheap stuff but there are a llot of aholes out there to. just be careful and look into the seller feedback first and ask questions i find sussing them out helps alot to

cheers mick

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I have brought a lot of gear from ebay, my boat, a few rods and reels sports equip etc. Ive been a member for years and always check sellers details and history. I purchased a few finder for $200 2 weeks ago paid for on the 5th they confirmed they got my money but i still havent received the fishfinder. Wasnt until today Ebay notified me that they had been removed from ebay so looks like ive got an uphill battle to try get my money back @##%@#.

After over a 100 transactions ive finally been burned. From now on for anything over $75 ill be paying by paypal.


Kiwi Dan

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my cousin tryed to buy a real off ebay, first off the guy added bids himself

to try and get more money, my cousin then stopped bidding. the guy then

said u can have it for your last bid, but my cousin said nut u screwed me round

so i want it for this price. im not sure on the final price. then in the end he never

got the reel at all.

regards mark

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There are some risks when buying of such sites

As others may have said

  • check Feedback
  • Check there location
  • Check previous sales
  • if they have low feedback numbers be wary ask questions
  • whilst buying overseas buy from power sellers or stores or 100%
  • always have your item insured postage
  • pay by paypal if possible

In Australia Registered post is only $2.50 extra on postage costs

you have probably saved $90 why not spend the $2.50

and if it disappears you get back your money.

NOTE-This only covers up to $100 insurance ,Of memory every $100

over that first hundred is $1.10 extra

EXPRESS POST is not trackable and none insured.

I sent paperwork for work to S.A it turned up 3weeks later.

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I have probably saved over 5k over the net from buying things (not fishing related)

i now feel if i lose on one buy i am still in front.

but when making big purchases you need to be very careful.

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Looking at eBayer feedback ratings is not the surest safeguard either.

Last year there was a mob of users, or an individual, from Asia listing Garmin GPS equipment for bargain prices among other things. The feedback ratings were very good at first glance so I placed a low bid (lucky I didn't win). Overnight I recieved an ebay message from another user warning me about this seller and I emailed the winner to warn them not to send the money. When I went further into checking the feedback for this seller it appeared that there were a small number of ebay accounts (about 6) who bought and sold a large number of really cheap (cents only) rubbish items from each other over a short space of time to pump up there feedback scores. These items were probably never payed for or ever even existed. It didn't take long to realise that these accounts all started at the same time and the first transactions made were all inter-related and very cheap. Once there feedback ratings were up they start listing expensive gear that doesn't exist.

I have never been burnt in any buy or sell transactions and I have purchased and sold quite a bit of gear online including some from overseas, ie USA, Canada and Hong Kong. I'd be reluctant to buy from some countries though.

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Personally I think the best advice is check feedback and all previous transactions. If it's a big purchase and you think you can get it elsewhere, even if it means spending a few more dollars, don't trust ebay. Quality and safety is better. I think the worst was a friend buying a computer over the net, didn't really consult any of us with his purchase and practically went straight into it. In the end, no computer and the other person kept claiming they sent the goods till they finally deleted their ebay account and disappeared into the shadows.

Why can't people just be honest. :mad3:

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Hi All,

I suppose it amounts to how much you are prepared to lose to get a good deal. My dad always said, only bet what you can afford to lose.

Personally I use http://www.graysonline.com.au/ for auction stuff as it is a reputable company and with a little research you can find some great bargins (got some expensive wine for 50 bucks :thumbup: a case on Sunday, Sells for $191 in the local bottle shop). Unfortunatly they don't seem to get any fishing stuff.

Regards Sunnyboy1

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Thanks for all the info guys, its now been a week since my holidays have started and all i find myself doing is shopping on ebay and some Japan stores. I have a few items in mind!! So bloody hard to decide, may as well take the lot!


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