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Aluminium Boat


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I have a little aluminium boat and there is a hole no larger than a finger nail in the front of the boat.

Does anyone have any advice on how to patch it up??

Roughly how much would a professional metal welder charge to patch it up??

Thanks for any advice

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When I was doing up my punt I discovered there were

cracks all through the ribs I just took it down to a panel beater

and when he had time he did it ...took it back of him a week later

and $60:00 down was happy



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A small hole in a tinney is easily fixed with silastic. Just sand the area of any piant or oil and add silicone.

It won't last forever but it will go for a couple of years and then just do it again.

If the hole is bigger than a five cent piece it will be best to weld it as the silicon won't hold.


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I had a small hole in a punt a few years back, I just cut out a

peice of sheet metal a bit bigger than the hole,put silicon around

the hole,then pop riveted the sheet metal over the hole with 4 rivets,

I let it dry and the thing never leaked.


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