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Botany Bay 23/6/07


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Planned a trip out to the peak today for some bottom bashing but when we got to the heads it was decided to fish closer in due to the large swell,so we headed to the 40m mark of the lighthouse.The fishing was slow and it was difficult to fish floaters due to the wind,swell and current.We managed a nice tarwine and two jackets.With the fishing slow we decided to head back in to see if there were any bream or trevally.

Fished the drums and with abit of burley in the water the trevally began to bite.Ended up with nine.Dad also caught a nice flathead.

We decided to give the washes a go at the heads to see if there were any snapper or bream so we headed back out and cast unweighted pilchards into the white water.Only managed one salmon,which gave a great fight on light line.Decided to call it a day after that and headed for home.Thought the fish would have bitten better with the big swell but we still managed a nice feed.

Pic of the catch


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bloody unreal, nice bag of fish! Did you lose many rigs to the jakets?

Didn't loose one rig to the jackets.The main fish that stole our baits off the lighthouse were mados.

Some of them were quite large too.

Great stuff mate, looks like the Trev's are here in good numbers again.

Might have to target some myself on light gear......how does 2lb sound?


The trev's would be great fun on 2lb gear.I was using a 3kg outfit and dad was using a light handline and we both had an absolute ball.

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Nice feed of fish, Mako! :drool: Those trevs are great fun when they're "on" - good fighters. Hopefully we see planty of salmon around in the near future - I got one off the beach the other day that ate a whole squid on 8/0 hooks!


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