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Port Hacking 23/06


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I suppose after all this rain I should post a report for my first serious session in a couple of weeks.

I waited for gentlemens hours to have a go at the run in yesterday. 9.30am start saw me put the tinney at Gunnamatta. There was only two other trailers in the carpark which was very odd for that time of the day in the sunshine at Cronulla.

After ten minutes straight out from the ramp I had the biggest mullet I have ever caught. I contemplated keeping it for (the kids)dinner but as it was into the mid morning I decided to head out and use it for bait.

A half hour of drifting around Burraneer Pt saw some great hits and bust offs but nothing landed. On the last go I kept drifting and yo-yoed a strip down the channel to the start of Maianbar. Two flatties came up in a short distance both just on 40cm. A second drift down the same stretch brought up two more flatties that were both undersize.

Middish tide - time to hit little Turriel Bay. Over the last twelve months I have discovered that this is a spot that never fails to pay off on a flood tide (although today wasnt brilliant). Anchored on the point the first mullet strip was in the water for about 20seconds when it got smashed. I was still baiting a second line and had to drop it to land a nice 35cm bream. Unfortunately I didnt land another fish in the next hour although I was busted off twice up against the little reef there. This is a spot that holds some great bream but I never get more than a couple.

As the tide had risen a fair way I moved further around into the bay and fired H/B's into the shallows. A couple of undersize bream got dragged out from near the shore on sx40's and then a decent 30cm job whacked a Rapala that was pulled over the top of the weed.

Just after noon I headed to Sth west arm and fished the deep near the front for one reasonable and one small trev and an undersize flattie on mullet strips. Further up into the arm I nailed a couple of small bream from against the shore and another undersize flattie.

Coming back I drifted back over the western Maianbar flats for two bream in the weed and a beaut 40cm flattie off the sand patches.

All in all it was great to be out on the water again and I got a feed for dinner which was a bonus.


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Nice bag of fish, Dave! :thumbup: Any ideas on what busted you off? Port Hacking is my local estuary - your report makes me wat to get out there and give it a go. Little Turriel is a nice spot.


The point there hides some nice sized bream. As I was fishing light they simply ran me up against the various rocks around there.


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