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Rock Fishing 2nd July

Rode Cary

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hi raiders,

Headed to whale beach headland this morning to hunt some drummer. Haven't fish for 4 weeks!!!! As my usual drummer is in repair i took a light 5 kg stick with my usual Abu 6600C4 loaded with 10lb mono with Ab gut and king prawns as bait. Got there around 10 am, so was fishing the going out tide. The fish was not biting at my usual spot, so as the sea was calm today i decided to check new spots. 5m away i gave it a try bet 2 bommies and i was on. I was catching drummer after drummer. The drummer were on fire approx 2-3 hrs after high tide. Caught at least 12 and released 10 as they were undersized but kept 2 and a rock cod. Caught a nice one, 40 cm and fat. Took my a hard 2 mins fight as i was fishing light. The first 15 sec were crucial as the fat pig was trying to bury his head under the rock ledge. Peeled prawns worked better today.

I was not expecting a good catch today as the sea was too flat with no wash. The water was so clear that i could see the drummer eating my bait. Also i was using No 4 bait keeper hooks. Some might think its too small, but worked for me.

Trying to attached photo but not sure it will work. Cross fingers



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I've caught heaps of those Cod before but what are they like to eat? Any good?


Its called a Wirrah mate.

I've never tried eating one but have only heard bad things from every person I've ever spoken to about them...

Better to let them go IMO when there's plenty of other better eating fish around...

P.s. Great Drummer Bertrand!

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Mate thats a nice Pig. And twelve all up that would have been some great action! I've caught heaps of those Cod before but what are they like to eat? Any good?

Well done!


hey joe

i steamed the cod yesterday. nice flavour but a bit chewy. its great for soup though

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