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Suprise Catch On 4lb


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took my old man out for a fish today after popping in to see tones for some bait!

launched probably around 9.

first stop oil warf caught countless little squire and 1 little trevally which was the target for the day but about 20cm was a bit small.

it was quite windy which drifted us a little close to the warf,in which we were asked to move on so next stop was the barrels for more little squire!

moved again to bear island but only a short fish here as we were drifting too quick in the wind, no result!

next stop was trevally ally where the action was non existant, untin dad says yeah im on, i turn to see his rod bent like full circle and drag not copeing with his pulls on the rod. i see no figh transfering to the rod so i tell him hes snaged! uppon further inspection i find hes tangled around my line and the burly bucket so i untangle him and he states that hes still on, but im still sceptical till i see 1 port jackson shark beside the boat! didnt measure it but ill guess about 80-90cm.

i think that was a great effort on a little bream rod with 4lb braid 10lb mono leader and just a no.2 bait holder! :1yikes:

oh yeah he went back too!




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