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Knobbie Heads And Reds


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Gadayyyyyyy all,I got a phone call from Ross Hunter yesterday asking if I wanted to go for a fish and of course I said YESSSSSSSSSS !!! :biggrin2: .

Ross then asked me if I would deckie for him at short notice as he had a snapper trip on today.

I jumped at the chance to deckie for one of the best skippers I have ever met.

We met up at Sylvania at 6 am and readied the mighty Broadbill for our trip down off Port Hacking.

We met our five anglers at Captain Cook Bridge and welcomed them all aboard, 3 fellas and 2 young blokes.

Turns out 2 are Fishraiders :yahoo: . Intros out of the way we set off for a day's snapper fishing with floaters, pilchards and stripey strips with little weight.

We arrived at our destination and Ross says "the current is running a little too hard here, lets go in a bit closer".

I readied myself on the foredeck to set the reef pick and bingo first go and we are set in tight as you like :yahoo: .

We ready the rods, threadlines and small overheads with small ball sinkers straight to 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.

I commenced the burley trail of chopped up pillies and shreds of stripey and it didnt take long for the crew to score, all at the same time. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaa we had hit the jackpot and reddies were coming in thick and fast.

I was netting em and rebaiting as fast as I could and Captain Ross gets a big bite and a very mean looking red with a huge bump gets the treatment from the master :thumbup: .

We continue to score great reds and a lone small trevally.

The count was 21 Reds with some great fish in the mix as well and many more thrown back as we had plenty to feed us all.

I would like to thank Ross for the chance at deckying for him and it was a pleasure having the 5 great anglers on board.

We fished hard and laughed even harder and THATS WHAT I"M TALKING ABOUT.

Cant wait to get out there and do it all again.

Here are some pics of a great day out on the water.


















Cheers Swordfisherman

Alan ,Jason,Daniel,Matty and Russell


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3 words for you Stewy.

"You Lucky B*stard" :biggrin2::biggrin2:

What a top day on the reds.

Cop the bump on that one Ross nailed...That's massive. :1yikes:

That would have to be the best session for a while.

Broadbill had better get some bigger decks fitted to accomodate all the other Raiders who will be

lining up to have a similar experience....me included.

Well done lads :thumbup:


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Awesome snapper session guys,top work again ross gettin your crew amongst some great fish.

another great day on broadbill,its definately snapper time as some really good reds are

coming in from the reefs south of botant bay,including some thumpers last week of

5kg;6kg & 7kg.berley and floating lightly weighted pillys definately the way to go!


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what a bullseye for a snapper !

hey stewy did you guide him to the bundeena ferry route where you and jimmy bowers used to get the ferry driver to drop your 1/2 kilo baits down when youse were fishing in game gear off bundeena wharf in the 80's?

jimmy told me youse were both definately there waiting for every ferry not just the last one.

he mentioned dean too and the other times and the current checking off every coastal rock, struth and said something about having to wait for a frozen ball to finish churning the water into white a boy named sue i thought he said or was that johnny cash

had a call from ballina jimmy said to grab you and come up now wow :1yikes:


fish on :1fishing1:

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Thanks Stu. I could not have told the story of today better myself.

Ross Hunter is a legend and so are you mate.

Last person I would have expected to meet today was Swordfisherman. The looks on both our faces must have been beaut when we discovered the Raider connection. Your addiction for this site is an inspiraton mate.

Thanks to Broadbill charters Ross Hunter for the memories. We learnt that fishing isnt just the fish. It's the cliffs, the birds and the whole experience. Thanks Roscoe the memories will last forever.

Kind Regards Russ

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Man.. check out the bump on his head. That is almost a mohawk.

Bloody good catch of Reds.




What a great day, near perfect conditions with a light west wind that faded away mid morn. My strusty deckie Mr Swordfisherman was, as always in perfect tune telling his stories to the customers as we trolled the steeped cliffs There is something about the area I enjoy the scenery and its magnificence, so much that I find it wasteful to go past it at speed. We trolled a minnow and a feather past Jibbon and Marley to Curracurang (The spot I caught my first bluefin land based so many fond memories of bream, drummer and kings off these rock platforms) and the to Era, Burning Palms to head out 3.5 nautical mile to our snapper spot. As I headed to my wide mark i noticed my boat speed pick up .5 knot and that meant a current change I had noticed some weed in the water 500 metres back and thought that would be the tide edge so I spun Broady's bows around and headed back . The reef we fished is wide of the main hump and on the gravel It is made up of low sections of reef so it can be a "toughie" to anchor sometimes This was Swordie's job and secretly I think he was hoping that it would grab, first go.

It did, all was well as we turned off the "Hummin Cummins" and settled into the day with apprehension.

We had a great bunch of guys from the kids, Daniel and brother Matt as well as the lads Dad Russell Bezetts and his brother Allan and Jason.

They too had enjoyed the troll close to the rugged cliffs and taken in the scenery with awe, but now it was down to business as Swordy manned the cutting board ( the stories kept coming)

It was not long and we were hooked up solid on fish, all snapper, and all great table fish around the 2 kg mark, then the big boys turned up and we really had some drags screaming .

As with all snapper sessions I knew that the torrid bite could not last and after a a couple of hours of busy action the fish went off the chew and we went back to chipping away at them.

We caught over 30 snapper of which 10 were returned We kept 21 snapper and one trevally and that is a good days snapper fishing . Thanks to my great crew of anglers and most of all to my deckie The Swordfisherman. and the Stanwell Park area and its beauty.

Ross Hunter

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I was one happy boy at the end of the day and excited to see the anglers get stuck into the Reds.

It was a real eye opener being the deckie and not the angler and I take my hat off to all the guys that do this for a living :thumbup: .

I still dont know how Ross gets up every day and just keeps taking anglers out trip after trip.

We just ate one of those beaut Reds and it tasted fantastic :yahoo: (NOTE TO SELF ,BRING MORE FRESH FISH HOME SOMETIMES) mmmmmmmm.

Cheers Stewy

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I work with Swordfisherman, he was telling me all about this great day snapper fishing. It all sounded too good to be true. So I logged in and could not believe my eyes when I read the report not to mention the photos and that awsome demented bump on that huge snapper.

Stewy, lets organise an trip on Broadbill. This story has got me excited :1yikes:


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my boss is Russ, you think he'd come to work bragging? well i think he just wanted to rub it in by me looking at the report myself.......Good onya boys.....hey Boss might have to throw a sicky hey and chase some RED'S

Tight Lines All


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