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Tuross River


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Like a lot of places in NSW we were inundated with a lot of rain end June/early July. The fishing in Tuross River was not an option as the water rose several feet and was the color of Milo. Salinity levels were WAY down. My eldest daughter had flown down for a holiday and she was dead keen to get a fish in before she went back home. I showed her the state of the river the day she arrived and suggested that if we didn't get any more rain for the next week we may get lucky, otherwise we would fish Narooma.

The following weekend was very cold but we had not had any rain so down to the river we go. One look at it and I decided we would be driving to Narooma. My daughter suggested we have a quick look 'seeing as we are here, Dad'.

"O.K, 5 minutes", I said.

"That's all I'll need", she laughed!

I aimlessly threw a soft plastic around while she fished with a frozen prawn. I turned my head in response to her call of "Ummm, Dad ... could you lift this outta the water for me please?"


39 cm and 850gms. One delighted young lady and one very sheepish father!

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