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South Durras Monday Last


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Hi folks,

Monday morning just gone was a little windy from the north west and very cold. My brother and I decided to head out and see what we would find. Stopped at the bait grounds just out of Batemans Bay and with a bit of hard work filled up on yakkas and small slimies. We headed out wide and all we could find were small nannygai. Great eating but a little fidly. Went out a bit wider and picked up two of the fattest flatties I've ever seen. However, the extra depth was just a little too much work in the wind.

Decided to head in close to Wasp Island off South Durras. Water was about 17 degress and 6 - 10m deep. Fortunately as the afternoon wore on the wind settled and we had a glassy sea. As the berley started to work we picked up a nice mowie and a few assorted reef critters. Then the first red...


Not too long after we picked up it's big brother....



Unfortunately we had to head home to keep peace with the fun sherriff and left 'em on the bite! The intersting thing was though, both snapper were caught on half yakkas. Live yakkas were all killed, bitten just behind the head. The slimies weren't touched. I'd guess they were squid or cuttlefish, but I couldn't get one to take a jig. Better luck next time I guess.... Great day out all in all.

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