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Hi Raiders,

I know its not a NSW report - but my brother in Adelaide sent me this picture from the charter he went on

today out to Middle Bank in Spencer's Gulf off Whyalla.

He's the one on the left in the photo, He didnt tell me he was going as he's not really into fishing (IT Geek)

and wanted to impress me with his catch.


Both the fish he caught went over 6kg (not bad for his first fish ),

but the Charter Operator declared it a bad day as no one

got one over 10kg and they didnt bag out so gave them all a discount off the charter price


Heres the boat he went out on - Its basically my "retirement" boat ( after I win the Lotto :1prop: )

The ultimate snapper machine a 10.4 metre Gallant called "Wildthing"

Hopefully he's been bitten by the fishing bug now and I can convince him to come out after the Kings when he next comes to Sydney, and he books me on the charter next time I'm back in Adelaide


I'm still chasing my first decent NSW red

( cant even get one in the Hunter Valley.... the Semillon's are nice though)

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