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Hair Tail Still Firing

kiwi waynie

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Hi Raiders,

Just back from a hair tail session with Sea Rabbit In Jerusilem Bay and they are there even if most a bit on the small side. Kept 5, best went 114cm then bout 110cm the others pretty small. But hey i'm stoked got my first, BIG thanks heaps Sea Rabbit, day / evening i'll always remember. They took just about any thing we offered em half pilly or whole, fillets, yakka, gang hooks or single. Only bit of advice is be there well before dark and dont waste your time once they gone. They may have come back but after the inital flurry things got bloody slow couple of bites one fish landed (but then agian it was a better one). So good luck to everybody heading out. Sounds like there will be quite a crowd out there on sat. Oh and not to windy in the bay even if very blowy on the river. :thumbup::yahoo:

Lata Raider.


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Hi Wayne,

Well done on braving the freezing conditions.

Glad to see it paid off for you guys.

I have packed up my gear until spring as not much of a winter fisho.

I am getting the trailer fixed and some electrics put into my quinnie and will sit it out until Spring.

Cheers Zenman.

PS Did u get the flattie pics i sent you?

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sweet as report mate and congratulations on the first. im spewing im crook i got the boat ready and all only to come down with the flu. oh well hopefully everyone leaves some in the water for me next weekend.

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just a few pics from fri hawkesbury bash in serch of jew & hairtail with kiwi waynie. fished the start of the run out for jewies & got a couple of sml ones that will be a lot bigger next time we catch em hopefully. got to our hairtail spot about 430 with 3 other boats already there. came on the bite just before dark but not as aggressive or big as last fri, that means plenty of small fish to be thrown back guys for future fishing.



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nice pics mate, which side of the f3 bridge were you fishing as i am experimenting each time i go there in different places and further out away from the actual bridge.

Edited by Kingies till i die
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