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Squid Time


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Just to let everyone know - I have been doing very well on squid in the past week. BIG XOS calamari around most warfs in Sydney Harbour. Only problem is that you need to fish 2-4 pound braid as the strong winds have been making it hard to feel what is going on - next pointer - BIG jigs - On Tuesday I started with 1.8 and 2.0 jigs. After a few quiet casts I put on the 3.5 gram babies... They sure worked. I have caught 3 kg of squid in past week and at close to $30 per kilo I am stoked -- Stocking up for jew bait in August - time for XOS jew of the beaches. PS - Do not let shallow rough water scare you - The squid will hang out where there i whiting and thats where they are sitting.

Happy fishing : ) :1fishing1:

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i went out the night we caught a jew in the harbour only to get one squid,not that many around at the moment.

Hi Crazy John

The calamari tend to hang around all year - the big ones however like to chase chopper tailor and whiting. One had a whiting in him. I avoid the usual spots for squid that most people go to in summer when squidding during winter. I am getting ready to go tonight for squid and then an all night jew bash in the harbour - land based. This time of year the jew are quite good so its been a good 2-3 months since I fished for them.

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I am a firm believer that the winter is the time for the large specimens. Like Femalefisho, we have been using the 3.0 to 4.0 jigs and working them deep. They put up a good "pulse" when they are big.. some even pull a bit of drag. :thumbup:



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