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Using Spitfire Plus On An Outboard?

D T Wave

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Hey all,

I have an old Mariner 55hp 80's model that has done me very proud for the last 6 years. Lately it has been running a bit rough when the revs are low and idling badly. Fine with abit of throttle. I'm thinking the carby may have some gunk in it?? No mechanic seems to want to open it up, something about not being able to get gaskets and opening up a can of worms???

I was wondering if a fuel treatment like spitfire plus might sort the problem out???

If not what are my other options?


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Hi D T

I would'nt be putting Spitfire or anything like that thru. 2 strokes lubricate by the oil being left around after the fuels been thru. Spitfire et all have an action that will break up the oil to some degree and almost etch the bearing surfaces...then you have a can of worms!

Bottom line it a) needs a good check over...many things cause poor running and B) if it is the carbs, a proper strip down.

I'm surprised no-one will touch it although I've heard that with regard to Mariner's a few times...surely there must be bits around.

Perhaps Huey will chip in with some advice.



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hi D T Wave,

i would be looking at the carbies mate, get them out and either clean or fit a carbie kit..also check they are adjusted correctly... could also be diaphram on fuel pump with a slight tear/hole.. also check fuel line and bulb but prob others first..as for gaskets,you can always make some if they are hard to find but i dont think you should have trouble there.... i am no mech but this is my 2cents worth..... huey may elaborate more on this issue... steve....

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Hi DT, it is rubbish about not being able to get gaskets or more correctly o-rings for the carbies on your engine. You would be able to get all the parts you need to service the carbies, if you PM me your serial number it is pretty easy to check. Once done, make sure the engine is reaching operating temp at idle, if not replace the thermostat and that it should idle fine. That said, make sure you have the basics first like good even compression between the cylinders and a nice strong spark. If you have those than it would be worth doing a bit of work on that engine, with the only problem being that to pay anyone around $80/hr the cost can rack up quiet quick and cost you more than the engine is worth.

What I would do if I was you and you felt confident in doing the work yourself, is make sure the basics are there then remove and service carbies, remove and service cylinder head gasket and thermostat, service water pump(if not done in the last coupld of years) and make sure you are running the correct B8HS-10 plugs and it should be good to go. All of this would not cost too much in parts and worth doing.

If you have any questions please ask and I will see if I can help you out.



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