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South Coast This Weekend


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Hi Raiders. first post on this topic. :1fishing1:

Had two sessions this weekend. One Friday, Rock hopping sea side Booderee NP. The final tally was 20+ fish including 4 Sambo's from 1.5 kgs to 3 kgs. Many Trevally, Bream, Ludrick a great day with azza p. We were using lures ( hard and soft) as well as frozen bait. The Sambo's were great fun on light gear, most fish were released to try again another day for the exemption of the larger salmon. :thumbup::thumbup:

Second session was today at the Comerong Is coal wharf. No luck at this location despite throwing every trick we could think of. Water temp is still quite cold especially in inland waters. :thumbdown: Cant wait for the warmer weather.

anyway take care for now.

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comerong is eh, used to love campin down there with the mates.

caught my best bream there in a 1/2 hour sesh, had to rush back for the ferrie.

i once saw the little deep channel just off the retaining wall turn black with bait fish! :1yikes:

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