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Shimano 2500fb Reels


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You are referring to the 2500 Stella FB.

The FB is the old model. I had an SR1000 which is the same except it is the local Japanese model and it was a great little reel but, it had a tangling issue.

The new 2007 models don't have this problem. I have both the 1000 and the 2500 and they are fantastic for soft plastics and squid jigging or any fishing style where your reel is constantly picking up slack line. :biggrin2:

Beware the FB series IMO :thumbdown:

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Mate that reel is pretty much the beginners reel....great little reel that will take a beating.....but you will upgrade in the end so i suggest you got the beter reel first and save you the trouble and money

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well i bought two off ebay for $40.00. got some relo's coming over here at X-mas who want to try out the plastic scene in the rivers round gladesville, lane cove etc.

good to hear i didnt waste my money. they'll keep for my girl who's got two combos already at 2yrs old.

cheers guys

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