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The Maria At Port Mac


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hit the maria river this arvo just on the low tide flickin softie's around, i started of flicking a hot pick as the water was a dirty brown colour. i think i used every colour in the tackle bag for zip but at least the other two blokes caught a couple of 40+ cm flatties so the day wasn't too bad. the only thing that ticked me off was once i opened my packet of Gulp Alive and through it back in the tacklebag the tub leaks around the screw on lid, Does anyone else have this problem? I may need to put them is some other type of jar?

Cheer Dave

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Hi Dave

A lot of reports are coming in with that complaint! Haven't even seen one yet - but will be putting an extra layer of plasic or cardboard inside the lid to take up the slack.



A bit slack, really, of the manufacturers, eh?

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