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Wastin Time

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Well after preparing the boat in the rain last night, I assured my deckie that we would wake to star lit skies (phew!!!)

So after heading out past Juno to Barrenjoey it was decided that we head back in as there was a swell, but it was the kids we were thinking of...lol

Back past Juno we find a nice little beach anchor & burley just off that & for the next 2 hours we pull in 6 flatties (kept 2)

Tried everywher else after that for zippo., oh except for Mr smiley.

The kids had a ball & the fish in each pic was caught by that person (notice I am not there) & CHelsea wasnt too keen on holding the fish

Great day out - bring on the warmer weather



More pics



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Well done Roy & Kids - a great day out & the kids getting into fish as well!! :1prop: What a bonus! I reckon I was that age when I started (my lifelong obsession ...) Watch out - you may be starting something that will last a lifetime for them!



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