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Bad Start...turned Out Ok.

Dan A

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Set off with anticipation of exploring the Hastings river this morning in the new(secondhand) boat.

Arrive at the boat ramp about 7am got the boat in the water, pulled the crank handle and the motor wouldn't start, a few choice words and abuse at the motor but still didn't make a difference to it, waited around about 30 minutes hoping it would start but nope. :ranting2:

Loaded the boat back on the car, got home and cleaned the spark plugs up and motor started.

So off I went to North Haven as this was closer than the Hastings, headed up river to Watson Taylor lake and sat the for a while for a few small bream.

Tried to crank the motor, again won't bloody start!, I was stuck and noone around in this part of the lake, so I start paddling with the single paddle against the wind and current, I was exhausted after 30 minutes, figured I would try to crank the motor over again, waddya know it started, thank #$%$ for that I thought.

Moved back down stream and anchored near dunbogan bridge boat ramp as I didn't want to go home due to the motor and could paddle over to this ramp if need be.

Rigged up a few live yabbies and managed some nice flathead, from the bridge, 3 in total good eating size.

Tide changed decided to move, motor cranked over first time!

Moved over to the inlet opposite North Haven boat ramp and fished the eddy, managed a few nice size bream and a whiting, largest going 35cm putting up a nice little fight.

Was here for an hour or so and darkness started to fall so thought I better head in in case of further motor trouble, but the motor cranked first time again, I'll be buggered If I know what the story is with the motor.

Bad start to the day, turned out OK. :05:



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Well done Dan.

A great haul of fish there.

Have you tried fishing up Stingray Creek?

I caught some great flatties there about 2 years ago when I was up there on holiday.

Keep the reports comming

Im thinking of heading up that way for the Apec longweekend that we have here in Sydney


Balmain Bob

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