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Bathtub Browns With A Twist Of Lemon.


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Hey everyone. Well here's my first report since joining.

Firstly....There is a reason for reporting nothing on the Tuna which will reveal itself as I write.

My ol' man & I started off before sunset in Botany gathering Livies with success & headed straight out past Brownes in search of the elusive 20 degree water.

We were half way when the engine started to shut down whenever we copped a bump over a short wave. It took us about half an hour to work out that it wasn't a loose electric connection. Some Raiders might find this interresting. I use a Navman unit which I have connected a fuel flow meter to calculate my usage. This unit runs in series on the fuel line. If haven't guessed it, it was blocked. Well not totallay. That bump in the ocean kept shifting a big peice of crap & full blocked the impeller in the unit. I was warned about these things but totally forgot to keep an eye on it.

Anyway.... We ended up passing Brownes by about 15km & went through very short patches of 19 but weren't worth stoppong for as you'd fall off it before you decided to stop. Nothing for a few hours so we decided on a run back to Brownes. Sure enough was the same. Listening to the radios at about 12ish revealed that everyone was empty-handed when it came to Tuna. I had a hunch that lae afternoon was going to offer sweet rewards for whoever persisted. I had to leave around 2 so I have no idea if my hunch was right.

Now the fun part of the story....

I usually float a balloon with a livie & deep set another at around 2 to 3 hundred meters.

Just as we decided that we need to go home My deep livie ratchet starts to peel at a slow pace & slowly increasing. At this point I decided to strike. The fish pulled back & I felt the weight & then when suddenly the line started slackening of more & more. Then...not even 5 seconds later I hear this great enormous washing machine-like surface break about 50 meters away. I look up in time to see my fish break to the surfice & leaping out & acroos the water. IT WAS A HUGE BLACK MARLIN. :1yikes::1yikes::1yikes:

It stunned me & took me a while to work out that he nailed my livie. He felt the hook poke & darted to the surface with vigour. Needless to say he shredded my braid.

I'm aware that Braid is not recommended for Marlin but I don't target them. I love my tuna. My conclusion is that my fluro leader was only 100lb & was short enough leave the braid vulnerable.

It was an amazing sight to see this monster explode out of the water only once & never to be seen again. My father & I estimated it between 150 & 200kg. What an experience. I've never had a marlin hit a livie.

On that note we decided to head in & had the best weather with a confy 30knot cruise back home. :thumbup:

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Yeah. It would have been interresting to see just how hard it would be to use braid for marlin. Everyone says that it's a no no. But I do know that I'm gonna be using a longer leader & trace next time. Just in case my luck has it that I get another chance.

I must say that I didn't expect a Marlin in Winter especially that deep. I don't mind at all that I didn't bring him in as they are too nice to kill for game. I have a hard enough time justifying keeping more than one tuna for food as it is.


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