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Port Kembla 29/08/07


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G,day Raiders.

Left Port Ramp at 5.30am went out to W/gong reef in 35mtrs, using squid, pillies and some cuttlefish I scooped out of the water. Got a couple of slimies and four small reds to 27cm which were put back to grow a little, spent about 2 hours drifting the reef and was unable to come up with any keepers.

I moved over to Conno beach just inside the reef and set the pick to try and berley up something anything would do, but alas after another 2 hours of berleying all that I could attract was a massive school of cowan young, not my idea of fun. So I went over to troll the road side wall between the small breakwall at Conno beach to the northern breakwall of Port harbour and picked up seven nice taylor so that I could at least have something to show for my efforts. Smoked Tailor for tea, yuuummmmmmm.

The wind was a bit stronger than was forecast, 20knts, but did drop off to around 8 to 10knts by around 10.30, water was 14.4 degrees.

There was'nt much back at the ramp either, so not all was lost.



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