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Broken Bay Salmon?


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Hello Raiders.

WoooooooHoooooooo its FRIDAY!!

The :wife: has decided we should spend tomorrow night on the boat for an early morning dads day session??Well who am I to argue? No billy lids for the weekend so I should be able to actually do a bit more then bait hooks and untangle lines so I was thinkin bout spinning up a few salmon in Broken Bay.Haven`t heard to much of them recently and was wondering if anyone has seen or caught any lately?Also have only ever used a silver metal lure and although this has been fairly reliable I wouldn`t mind trying something a bit different so any suggestion or pics of alternatives would be greatly appreciated


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Mate have heard of minimal reports around Lion Island & Pittwater.

I have only ever caught them on SP's about 5" long with one of those hooks that lie under the body - sorry I will post pics later.

Hope this helps a bit.

Good luck & happy fathers day to you (& everyone)

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G-day mate, i also havent heard and feedback on slamon in broken bay. But they are certainly in sydney harbour. If a school is busting up small metals are the way to go. Sometimes they are really finikie. Where big soft platstics wont be accepted. You have to 'match the hatch'. Match the size of lure to the bait the slamon are feeding on.

When they arnt opn the surface trolling the headlands with a spread of divers,skirts and a soft plastic stick bait is the way to go.

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