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Geroges/lugarno Picking Up


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Seems the water in the Georges, as well as being cleaner has started to warm up. Fished the top of the tide today at Illawong across from Lugarno and managed a goos sized bream, two undersized and a lizard that was long but a little scrawny so I tossed him back as well.

Lots of other bites but my reflexs must be shot.

i have a question, when people fish for Luderick, do they often throw fist sized balls of weed and dirt into the river?


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Hi Simon

Usually you toss berley in when the tide is at its slowest, to keep the fish around & on the bite. Rather than dirt, it is usually damp sand (sinks better than dirt) mixed with chopped cabbage or green weed (preferably the same as what you are fishing with.)

If you use it when the tide is flowing too fast, it may actually take the fish away from where you are fishing as it takes longer to get down to the depth that you are fishing & by then, too far away from you to be of any use! (But the bloke further down may THank You!)



Also best not to put out too much. A little at a time & not too frequently!

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hi simon :1fishing1:

when you mentioned weed and dirt reminded me of atrip to jervis bay at a spot opposite big beecroft fishing for reds

4older guys passed us on the track going in and asked us where they could get some sand to mix in with their 3 sugar bags of dry cabbage and where was the best spot for blackies

i did not know any thing about blackfishing back then so not to get in our way the next point 50 mts away was where they fished

they used dirt gatherd from the track to mix their cabbage burley

these 4 guys were locked up on fish every time i looked across at them

this went on for 5 hrs they filled those 3 sugar bags with blackies

i have never seen so many fish caught in a session :1yikes:

they had trouble carrying them out

peter :1fishing1:

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Seems the water in the Georges, as well as being cleaner has started to warm up.


G'day Simon

I was getting readings of between 17.5 and 17.8 degrees at Mickeys Point just up from Alfords Point bridge today between 1pm and 2.30pm.

cheers :beersmile:


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hey i hope the georges is beginning to fire up. Launched off near Holsworthy and headed into the national park... not as much as a touch on my rod all afternoon.... i have been promising the girlfriend that she will catch a fish of my boat but the georges has been letting me down....

Do we have to wait till november till the bream come up the river in big numbers????

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Good to see the water warming & the bream comming on the bite. Won't it be great tho when the works at the GRNP are finished. Put in there 2 weeks ago & the place was a s#$t fight. What with ski boats & those bloody PWC ..... was a chore to get the boat in & out. Hopefully the works will be finished soon though.


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