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Bendalong - Sth Coast


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I'm off on a trip down the south coast in November to Bendalong.

I have done heaps of fishing at the usual haunts on the south coast, like JB, Batemans bay, Narooma & Bermagui, but never fished out of Bendalong.

Has anyone fished here before? Any hotspots to try? Bait grounds?

I've heard the boat ramp is also little average at low tide?

Any feed back from fellow raiders would be appriecated.



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Hi Nathan,

I haven't fished offshore from Bendalong but I am very familiar with the place having done many surf trips to the area.

The boatramp is pretty good and well protected from the sea being tucked in a little cove with direct sea access. Only during big NE swells is it off limits.

The locals launch some pretty big boats from it, I have seen 25 berties going in the only drawback is a reef just off the ramp say 50 metres out which you have to watch at low tide. It is well marked though.

This is where they pick up yakkas etc.

Have seen the guy's come back with trophy reds and kings so the area is pretty rich.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Rod.

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My 2 Cents are -

We dropped the old boys 6m cruisecraft in the ok but at low tide a 4WD is definately required, also if you are using a car watch the surge if there is any swell running.

I mainly spearfished the area between Bendalong and sussex and picked up a lot of Bream Drummer Blackfish Big b@stard Trumpeter etc. We did see some fishos come in early with a Good catch of snapper between 2-4kg (about 5 fish, mind this was in May)

We did see a few reddies in the water up to say 10m in close so it maye be wirth berlying up for them if you sound them but i think most of the fish are caught in deeper water.



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Hey mate am new 2 the site but quickly noticed ur at bendalong in november! its one of my fave spots 2 fish! ill be there also on the 2nd 3rd and 4th of november! i am in panthers fishing club we hold a comp on down there at this time so if u are going that weekend we will have plenty of 4wd's 2 assist in retrieving the boat if its a huge low tide and sand is exposed! however if its an avg tide any car is ample. is a real gr8 bottom fishing spot. havent seen many fin or marlin come from there i know they are out there but coz bendalong is almost in a cove u have 2 do a bit of travelling 2 get out there. when i fish there i target mowies and snapper just drifiting then when i have enough i will head in close and south of green island 2 target the flatties... gps mark 4 mowies and snapper is 35,17,024 150,34,874 this is around 54M deep

its rare 2 be invaded with leather jackets on that mark but if by chance it is and u cant fish 4 what u wanna fish 4 i have a wider mark which still produces just as well but is in 79M of water! its mark is 35,18,745 150,35,675

if u need anything else just let me know! Hope 2 see u down there.

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G,day Nathan

I am a member of the Campbelltown Catholic Club Fishing Club and we have a week down at Bendalong every year at that time, we are staying at the Caravan Park (big blue and white marquee) look us up and I will give you an idea of what we have been catching and where.



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