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Where To Get Marine Ply?


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Hi Netic,

Have to agree with Davemmm. As I understand it construction ply is very similar to marine ply. The only difference between the 2 is that construction ply may have small voids in the sandwiches of wood but marine ply does not. Otherwise everything else is the same including the glue.

Places to try? The only place I have found to have reliable supplies of marine ply is mister ply and wood but be prepared to pay well over $120 per sheet. In Wollongong the cheapest constructions ply I could find was from MJ auctions for around $40 a sheet.


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I get mine from Plywood Express here in Gosford-I usually use Pacific Maple for boatbuilding as it's cheaper and lighter than the pine stuff.The lightest MP is Gaboon which is cheaper for me to ship down from Brisbane.For internal stuff I agree with the other guys-topgrade CP has the same glueline,just more allowable voids, surface flaws etc .You can easily see all but the hidden voids by checking the edges,just pick the best sheets.WEST system or similar epoxy is the glue to use,and can be used unthickened as a sealer and primer for ultimate durability.It needs topcoating for UV protection-Norglas marine enamel is tough as teak -I've got it on a 10 year old skiff and it's still good as new.HTH,


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thanks for the replies guys

Hi Mate,

I used to work in the formwork/highrise construction industry.... so i used to get a lot of big offcuts and pieces that gets wasted but are in really good condition for free.

i am sure there are many building sites out there that you coulod approach and ask them if they have big offcuts or pieces that they want to get rid off for a cheap price or for a slab of :beersmile:

they might have a few tiny nail holes here and there but that is no problem and if you want you could just squeeze a bit of liquid nail into them hole and give it a slight sanding....

good luck.

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I made a floor for my old quinnie using the construction ply and then coated it with a latex based paint that stretches and contracts with the timber.

It was still in great condition when I sold the boat and I had used it for around 8 years.



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Hey Netic

Id be wary of what you use, "used" ply for from a contruction site in modifying your boat. After time the ply becomes extremely weak due to constant use, ie stripping, having slaps pored, forming up things etc.

Prime example a guy just last week on one of my projects fell through some ply wood that was covering a penetration in the floor!!!! Used wisely ply should do you fine for your mods.



Edited by Dan and Greg
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i did forget to mention that you do have to do a visual inspection of the condition of the "used ply".

sorry about the fact that me being an engineer and a QA inspector took it for granted that when i look at structural ply i always look at their condition and supporting system below (for slab pours) and forget that not all others out there would be looking at the same thing as i do day in day out.

but as Dan n Greg said... be careful and check out what you are getting! you should have a fairly good idea if it is usable or not.

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Plywood express in West Gosford was where I got mine. You may even be able to get a cover sheet if you are lucky. The bloke sold me ordinary ply and said it would be fine. That was four or five years ago. Just look with the stuff with black glue holdong the layers together.


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