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November 15


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Hi Guys

Can you believe it's been a year Since The Wildlife Warrior Passed over!

To show our respect and to keep help Steve's work going my kids and I have decided to get involved in the worldwide backyard campout to help raise money for Wildlife warriors.

Please find below a link to our webpage


If you can in anyway support or would like to get involved please do, every little bit helps

Thanks heaps Raiders

PS Stewy and Donna if posting here in anyway is in conflict with site rules please feel free to remove this post

Thanks Rob

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Hi Rob

I reckon half of Australia & New Zealand will be camping out in their back yard come Nov 15! It is a good way of getting your kids used to camping out anyway, from an early age, without being too far from the comforts of home, should they get scared or cold or whatever!

Hard to believe it is 12 months already since the tragic accident. We were on our way to Sydney & had our cd on the whole way down, so didn't hear about it till we arrived down there & Mum had the TV on!

My other half Keith is a pretty good 'new' artist & was so affected by Steve's death that he started his first ever portrait - of Steve. Even if I say so myself, it is pretty good - a mixture of water colour & pastels.


He has just finished one of Bindi also & may well tackle Terri & little Bob!

It is our intention to give them to the Irwin family when we are next in Qld (end of the month.)



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