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Does anyone still use a sinker that we used to call a "pickers doom"

It is a rectangular sinker with a raised eyelet at each end for the line to run through.

The sinker will sit flat and hold bottom and allow your line to run through it reasonably freely.

I used to use them to catch bream. The theory being they would hold your bait near the bottom but allow you to freespool to a certain extent.

Whilst cleaning up I found a couple of them. I havent seen them in tackle shops for a while but then again I havent really been looking. Are they still around?


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I knew them as channel sinkers, but I only mention that as it is another option of a name, for you to ask for at tackle stores. Can't say I have seen any when browsing tackle stores...not that I was actually looking for them

yes mate they are still around. I''ve seen them in a few local tackle stores. Maybe you should PM both of our good sponsore & see if either of them stock them.


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dave pickers doom or channel sinkers as they are known are still used ... i use them in river fishing and also off the beach ...i run them right down to the hook and then cast.. let them settle and then let the line run through them i find the sand wont fill the hole and stop the line and you have a loose line for the willey old bream....bob

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we sell these,however most people are opting for the easy rigs with a bomb sinker as you can quickly adjust your weight without havig to re-rig

hope this helps

Maybe I need to drop in and spend eighty bucks on stuff I didnt think I needed till I got there just to buy $4 worth of sinkers. Again!!

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