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Favourite Bass Lures?


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Whats your favourite bass plactic/jighead and weight. Also hardbody and or spinnerbait.

I don't usually use SP's on Bass, mostly because they are not that fussy (unlike Bream).

so my fav HB/s for small stream Bass I go after are:

1. Smith Camion SR (twitched on the top or fished under. I actually caught a 33cm Bass on the first ever cast with this lure, that was after i had hammered the pool with everything else)

2. Buggie Pop R2S (i like the green/orange colour, just throw it at a snag, twitch it and wait for Bass to nail it)

3. SX40: these just BRAIN Bass at my local, the only problem is they are a bit to deep.

4. Halco Scorpion 35: in mullet colour and suspending form is a cheap good lure for Bass, again twitch it at the top and wait for abit before dragging it under.

5. I have used 3" Bass minnows to good effect in pearl blue, but usually end up with more snags than fish, I sometimes rig it texas and drag it though the weed beds

Again remember this is for small stream Bass, i have never fished a dam for Bass but i know that pro's don't use much other than Jackall's.



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Have you got those magnet lures watto??? Apparently when you cast the lures the magnet go towards the back of the lure, through gravitational forces, to give further casting ability, and once the lure settles the magnet is attracted back to the front of the lure for correct movement through the water...

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I guess it depends on where i am fishing but the bigger Bass (for me) seem to be falling to the ever fathful Jackall.

Go to Lpless crank is definatly the the TN60. Hard to choose a favuorite colour, so i like to keep all the following at hand depending on whether and conditions.

HL Gill, HL Black, Golden Shimmer, Ghost Blue Gill an Suji Shrimp

Top Water is definatly the Jackall SK Pop followed by the Water Moccasin for those agresive big surface strikes.

If fishing smaller streams and river I prefer to fish Chubbies.

When considering Plastics. I use Bass minnows, 2 & 3"grubs. Ecogear Grass minnows, Sliders and Squidgy fish. (Mainly)

Spinnerbaits: I prefer to fish them a bit heavier, Bony Bream Pattern or a bit of Purple in ther seems to be my go to colours, i gues you could say it is much of a muchness when choosing the right spinner bait for you but i prefer to fish with Bassman.


Are the lures you are refering to the Zipnaits range?? I know the Raphael / Rigge have the sliding magnet inside them which improves castability. have been playing around with these lures with trout in a couple local streams lately. I also think the new daiwa Shiner 50mm range have it


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Yeh new season new lures

Bass have just woken up but here is a few favs already

Keitech spinnerbait (5gram)

Bassday Bun (surface beetle)

ANRES Jungle Pop (great grasshopper imitation)

Chubby (brains them)

R2S baby vib and baby crank (in black)

Camion SR still catch the most fish


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